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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Being a Gibraltarian, it's always a proud moment when a local reaches global recognition for their achievements. We are famed for our musicians, dancers, beautiful women, athletes and so much more! Here is a short interview with our very own YouTube sensation Jeremy Sanchez, Known by millions online as "Jeracraft".


Whats your name and where are you from? Please tell us a bit about yourself for those who don’t know who you are or what you do exactly.

My name is Jeremy Sanchez & I'm a Gibraltarian Youtuber/content creator. I upload gaming videos to Youtube, specifically Minecraft, where I can let my imagination run freely & build complex structures, to showcase to just over 1.42 million subscribers.

At what age did you start making youtube videos, who was your inspiration behind the decision to create content?

I started my youtube channel at the age of 16, uploading my first few videos in 2012 after I was inspired by another UK based YouTuber who was also creating similar content. He had just 50,000 subscribers at the time, but he was impressed by some of my work & recommended me to start a youtube channel, which I did!

Why Minecraft?

The reason I chose Minecraft above all else was simply because I love gaming. My two preferred categories are survival & pretty much any game that involves some level of creativity. Minecraft combined both survival & the freedom with building and creating in a way that no other game has ever achieved & that really caught my attention the most.

Were they all Minecraft based from the start or did the genre change over time?

Although I've played many games in the past, I primarily stick with Minecraft when it comes to uploading videos. This is because Minecraft allows the possibility of creating anything, almost like Lego, expect you have an unlimited number of bricks to work with & there are currently no other games allow this level of creativity. Besides that it's also what fans love the most.

At what stage did you think, shit - I could actually become very well known for this?

Ever since I started uploading videos, I have always been determined to become a full-time Youtuber, but it was never easy! It took almost 8 years of patience, practice & determination before ever becoming well known. I started uploading very simplistic videos to an audience of just over 100 viewers showcasing houses I had built as well as creating video tutorials & other Minecraft related content. But years later, with so much practice, I started creating massive complex builds which featured recreations of structures found in popular video games & movies. Even achieving a Guinness World record for the largest underwater Minecraft build.

Did a particular video go viral which started this off properly or was it a slow and steady build?

These videos became very popular, very fast and achieved millions of views within just a few months. My most ambitious Minecraft project earning just over 10 million total views.

How many years into the creation of Jeracraft did you reach the 1m sub milestone and how did that feel?

I took almost 8 years before finally reaching 1 million subscribers & gaining between 10 and 50 thousand views every single hour of the day. Which was honestly mind-blowing, I never thought I'd make it this far, it has been a long hard working journey, but it was definitely a dream come true.

What equipment/set up do you use to shoot your videos and edit your content?

At the moment, I currently use a triple monitor set up, using adobe premiere to edit my videos. With the number of effects and programs, I use it always. Hence, it's handy to have extra monitors to manage the workspace efficiently.

Did your family or friends ever believe it was going to become everything it is today?

When it comes to family and friends, I've been fortunate enough to have all the support I could have ever asked for. However, no one really expected that it would lead to where I stand today, not even myself being as determined as I was.

Who are some of the other biggest names in the Minecraft scene? Any healthy competition?

There are many other Minecraft YouTubers such as DanTDM who has now attained over 22 million subscribers! As well as many other builders like myself, Mumbo Jumbo & Grain to name a few have over 4 million subscribers each. Although I wouldn't consider the Minecraft community as competition as I feel like we all have a unique way of producing different kinds of content everyone can enjoy.

How has your life changed since the success of your channel - Jeracraft?

I guess you can say my life has changed in the sense that I have the freedom to do what I want, as I am my own boss & being able to quit the 9-5 was definitely life-changing. It's always best to find a job you enjoy doing. Still, there is a widespread misconception where people believe being a Youtuber makes life more comfortable, and although it has many benefits, I still work more hours than any other job I've ever had, sometimes working up to 16 hours straight purely answering emails, managing the store & keeping up to date with content on the channel. But I must admit I love what I do and the hours I put into my craft is always worth it!

How has the Gibraltarian community supported you?

The Gibraltarian community has been very supportive, and the feedback and response has been nothing but amazing. I feel like I've inspired many to chase their dreams & I'm extremely grateful for having the opportunity to be featured on GBC several times in the past.

What does the future hold for Jeracraft, any new ideas?

The great thing about Minecraft is that the possibilities are near endless! I definitely have a long list of original ideas and concepts to cover, but unfortunately, these ideas take 100's of hours to produce, as I believe in quality over quantity. Luckily my fans are extremely patient & understand how long the process takes, they are always eager to find out when the next adventure will commence & for that I am very grateful.

How challenging is it constantly having to come up with new, original content?

To be honest with you at the moment, I don't feel like I have any issues when it comes to new ideas. I'm quite creative in a sense, and fortunately, I don't upload videos daily, which give me time to write down new ideas and at the same time, work on my current project. Seeing as I upload a new project once or twice a month, over time, I've managed to put together a long list of ideas to work on.

What would you or how would you feel if Minecraft suddenly became outdated/a thing of the past?

I have always wondered what would happen if Minecraft becomes unpopular, but luckily the Minecraft community has been growing strong for well over 10 years now. If things ever did become obsolete I still have high hopes for a new game called Hytale which is yet to be released! It is very similar to Minecraft, and the community has responded exceptionally well with its video trailer hitting over 55 million views. I believe as a gamer, there will always be an opportunity to move to the next big release.

What do you do in your spare time?

When It comes to free time I usually spend it with friends & family, I'm very fortunate to be able to have the freedom to choose when to work. If things are not too busy, I usually enjoy playing other video games aside from Minecraft. The thing is, my partner and I also love to travel, so I always have to prepare/plan a fair amount of work and videos before the trip.

Is there any advice or tips you could give aspiring Youtubers/content creators? My advice to other aspiring Youtubers is mostly to never give up! It may seem daunting at times & feel like you are not making any progress but building a fan base takes time. There is much to learn along the way! Just be yourself & find something you enjoy doing, hard work goes a long way.

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