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Updated: May 16, 2020

Hey guys, here I have an exclusive little interview with the fantastic comedy duo @Next8Level. I met these two beautiful souls out in Thailand earlier this year, and their story and energy resonated with me. I had to interview them, here it is, check it out! (Video version to follow soon)!

Q: What're your names, and where are you from?

A: Our names are Phil and Mel, and we are from the south of Germany from Stuttgart. Together we are "Next Level."

Q: How did you two meet?

A: We we met each other 2014 in Mallorca at the Ballermann 6. We had mutual friends before knowing each other, and we regularly went to party at this location, just not together. This time we ended up partying the whole holiday together, and after that, our circles of friends became one. It turned out we lived in the town next to each other, so we started to hang out back at home as well.

Q: At what point did you come up with the idea of making videos and this particular style of videos?

A: On the 9th of January 2019, we talked about what we would do if we would win 10 million in the lottery. The answer to our question was: We would travel the world, take pictures of us in nice places and make funny videos wherever we were. It then hit us, and we asked ourselves again if we needed the 10 million for that or if it was possible to do it regardless, so we started to plan our journey…(the rest is history :D)

Q: What is the story behind the name Next8Level, it's a sort of mindset you have come up with right?

A: In June 2018, after our first Ibiza trip, we started to change our mindset to have a more fulfilled life. We began to read books and learned from one of our close friends that "progress equals happiness" which was the game-changer in our mind. We tried to become a better version of ourselves every day and noticed that way of life made us happy. After realising that, we wanted to share our new knowledge with our friends and family and tried to show them the next level spirit. A lot of them positively changed their life also after hearing our version/concept. We think that is our purpose why we are on earth, and our mission is to share the next level spirit with people all over the world. The goal is to get better every day, not better than anyone else but better than yourself yesterday. The "8" between Next Level stands for the infinity sign (when you turn the 8 horizontal) because the next level is limitless. There is no one and only level or a final level, only the next level.

Q: Any inspirations behind the videos or other accounts you look to surpass?

A: We look up to Jackson O'Doherty, Adam Waheed and Arron Crascall. They have a similar sense of humour to us, just less handsome, but we have a wide variety of videos. We act, prank people, dance, fancy dress scenes, and we can do everything because we are next level!

Q: How do you prepare a video from start to finish?

A: When ideas pop into our heads, we always act fast and write them down so we can review them later on that day. We select the best ideas and then think of how to bring them to life through video. As soon as we have the final idea, we order the props and what ever is needed to portray our roles and begin to film the content, which we later sit down and edit. It is hard to put an exact timeframe on each video because of external factors that always vary (availability of supporting actors, the weather, etc.) Generally speaking, we make 1 or 2 videos a day, if and when possible.

Q: What's your next big adventure coming up?

A: (Phil laughs) Will Smith Voice: "We are going to Miami!"

At the end of February, we will fly to Miami for enough time to build up our page and make epic content together with some crazy genius people, like yourself! We can't wait!

Q: Those tattoos are insane, is there any particular meaning behind them, and where did you get them done?

A: Most of them we have done at Luxury Ink in Bali, it's the best tattoo studio in the world, seriously check them out! The best and most eye-catching tattoo we have is the same full-back tattoo. They're identical and have a deeper spiritual meaning to us. We are soulmates, like brothers (some people even think we are twins) and have a very similar spiritual connection to the universe. The woman in the tattoo stands for the universe and holds our world in her hands. When you have a closer look, you can see a storm we went through. It stands for a difficult time in our life which we passed together. On the left side, you see two small boys who symbolise us and a sunrise what represents that we got some gifts from the universe and from now on the future will be bright for us.

Q: I love the emphasis you guys have adopted with the "law of attraction", care to tell the readers an example of how this worked out for you?

A: Since we know the real power of the law of attraction and how to implement it into our daily life, a lot of amazing things have happened to us. There have been endless examples of how this has affected our life. But the most significant example would be when we started to play the lottery, and guess what, we won €50,000! We read in a book that its even possible to attract a lottery win and we believed it and started to attract it with all the tools we learned from the books. You have to visualise it every day, close your eyes, see it, feel it and imagine to have it already, even if it's not there. Speak it out loud as often as you can with the belief it's already on its way to you. Thoughts become a reality. Its simple ask, believe, and you shall receive.

Q: Who are the people who have supported you the most throughout this journey?

A: Our family and close friends were there from the beginning and helped us with all their power. Thanks to all of you, you are honestly amazing, and we are very appreciative to have you guys around us!

Q: Has there been many hurdles along the way, any Haters or disbelievers who said you'd never achieve this or that it's all a big dream?

A: Some people in our life thought we are dreamers, and we are crazy to believe that it will work out. Well no, we think it's crazy to believe it will not work out.

"They call us dreamers, but we are the ones who never sleep."

Q: Is there any advice would like to give for the people out there reading, who wanna do something similar but are unsure about where to start?

A: Visualise a concept, find people who support you and start doing it! There will always be negative people along the journey, but when you genuinely believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. It doesn't mean to quit your job directly, but make the first step and start today and do it step by step. Learn to use the law of attraction and everything will come together.

"Whether you think you can, or you can not - you are right." - Henry Ford

If you would like to support my two amazing friends and laugh at what theyre up to, take a look at their instagram on the following link and be sure to follow them. They have alot of entertaining content to browse through, let's help make their dreams come true! Simply search @next8level or use this link.

Want to see the pranksters get pranked? My friend and I got these boys bad with a fake scratch card I brought for them - Law of attraction alright! Should have seen the look on their faces!

Look at their transformation as they become "Next8Level". Taken only 10 months apart!

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