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Updated: May 16, 2020

Here we have an interview with not only a close friend of mine, but rather an inspiration to quite a few people as I can imagine. You only have to look at the photos embedded at the bottom to realise what I mean, his social media account shows pure determination and raw power driven focus/dedication to maintain and improve his fitness level. So who is he?

Q: What's your name, and where are you from?

A: My names Myko Bossino, I'm 25 and from Gibraltar.

Q: I've seen you have a history in YouTube videos, has this ended or are we going to see more of you in the near future?

A: You will without a doubt see more of me, and I'm making social media a priority in 2020, and I've recently just started a new YouTube channel. There's only one video up now, but I will definitely keep uploading. (Link will be posted at the end of the interview)

Q: You've made an incredible physical transformation in just one year, what's been the hardest thing to cut out, maybe some old bad eating habits?

A: Well, not really bad eating habits as I follow something called a flexible diet, which basically means I eat the foods that I enjoy just control the protein carbs and fats I eat in a day. It's complicated to break down but ill make a whole video on that soon. I would say the hardest bit was limiting alcohol intake, I used to be the guy at every party, every weekend getting wasted, so it was hard to slow that down, but now I've become used to less alcohol consumption. I still go to festivals and parties, just drink way less and have the same fun as before if not more. I love this lifestyle.

Q: What's your mindset behind all of this hard work? It's not easy to get yourself into that type of routine, well at least for me it isn't.

A: Haha - from your Insta stories you party way too hard brother!

I wake up with a killer mindset every day, I set my goals, and I crush them, I write around six goals for the day and make sure I hit at least the top three. As for the gym, I've made this my lifestyle, seriously, there is no better feeling than getting your ass into that gym, putting your headphones on, forgetting the world, just you and the weights. It's like meditation at this point for me, and I feel like something is off if I miss working out.

Q: Using me as an example, what would be your biggest tip of advice for me, if I was looking to get serious and pump some iron?

A: Nutrition. Simple, anyone can go to the gym and think they're killing the weights, but honestly, nutrition is key, for example. I can get ANYONE into shape by diet alone without even training, but you can’t into shape by training alone if you follow a bad nutritional plan. Obviously, training is a huge part of building a solid physique. Still, my advice would be the following: find a solid workout routine that hits your muscle groups twice a week. Focus on increasing the weight you lift bit by bit every week, figure out how much protein carbs and fats your body needs and adjust accordingly. I guarantee results if you do the above, for some people, this sounds hard, but that's why people like me are here to show you the way. When I coach people, they leave me knowing exactly what to do when I'm not around. It's a bit like the quote: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Q: I see you and your girlfriend have this amazingly close relationship, you guys do couple's gym sessions? Who pushes who the most to get results?

A: Funny you ask, we actually spoke about doing a couple's session video together this week. We do train together if and when we can if our schedules line up. Usually, I train at a different time to her, but id say we manage around 2-3 times a week to workout together. We both push each other, but usually, I'm the one pushing her and screaming in her face (haha) but no joke she’s a beast in the weight room.

Q: I saw some stories on your IG, something about a nutrition guide, when will this be out and where can the reader get hold of this?

A: Yes your right, I posted a snippet of an EBOOK I am creating for beginners and heck, even for experienced people! I call it the Bodybuilding Bible - seriously, this book will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition and how to set up the perfect diet. After the nutrition book, I'll also do a training book, but for now, as I said before, nutrition is key, so that's my focus. This book will have it all, A-Z everything you need to know, I want people to read that guide and gain knowledge that will change their life. I don't have an exact release date for this, but it will be very soon. It will be available on my website and my YouTube/Instagram when I officially launch it.

Q: What's the big dream, we all have one, and I sense a little something special up your sleeve, care to share?

A: My dream honestly is to become a public figure, I love social media, and I want to share my life with people that want to see it. Aside from fitness, I want to attract people from all walks of life, more of a lifestyle & fitness blogger. As cliché as it may sound, I want to help as many people as I can through my social platforms. I want my name to be remembered only for the good things I am going to accomplish. I want to create an army of followers so we can all win together, life is short, so let's make it the best we can!

Q: A lot of people associate with workout out, staying healthy and achieving good results physically with it costing a lot of money to do so, do you agree? How much does it actually cost to maintain this level of fitness/health?

A: This couldn't be further than the truth in this day and age. For example, how much do you spend every time you buy your work lunch out or for dinner on a night out? ... Exactly, eating out every day is expensive! Shopping for the week is so cheap if you keep to a budget, all you need is a gym membership and a good shopping list. For example, my shopping list puts me at maybe £80 for a whole week worth of food, and that's buying the expensive stuff! If I didn't have money to afford that, it would be way less. I can easily spend that in a restaurant on one meal for me and my girlfriend, think about it if you buy a £10 lunch every day at work that's already £50 on one meal a week. You could buy in bulk rice/pasta/potatoes, which so would last you a significantly longer time for a few pounds.

Q: If you could go back in time knowing the results you can achieve with a little dedication, at what age would you have started this transformation properly? 

A: I would've started as early as I could, and gotten a gym membership. So 16 years old, I would've been way further than I am now.


Check some of his incredible transformtation photos! It's insane the results he's gotten. Hats off to the man!

Heres the link to his new YouTube channel -


His Instagram page (Follow him!)-

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