What is this life?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The reason behind this tattoo and why I did it:

Seriously what is this life? I mean, really ask it out laid to yourself... the more you do so, the harder it is to explain. This is true for me at least, I genuinely cannot explain what the heck this life is. I have been in situations in which you'd generally palm your face in disbelief or flap your arms out exposing wrists and palms to the sky while staring into them, baffled with what you've just witnessed. It's now become something that sort of puts me back on track and helps me focus and realise that nothing can surprise me at this point, I've seen, heard and done the weirdest shit you could possibly imagine to which after I look at myself in the mirror, raised eyebrows and shrugging my shoulders saying "hey, what is this life?" and I just laugh and walk off. When I'm feeling down, confused, angry or stressed, I glance down at this and remember to not take things to seriously and to find the best out of all situations.

I am currently in the process of "writing" a book titled "What Is This Life?"

The concept of this book has been simple yet brilliant, and the beauty of it is I do not write the book, you do. I invite people to write a page between 250-300 words about what life is to them and their interpretation of that phrase/question. I want to know what life is to them/you at this exact moment in time, after all you've been through, witnessed or experienced, read and heard. Once I feel it's ready or better said I'm ready to give my own testimony on life I will write my own page and once I've done that I will read through every previous page up until mine and give my conclusion and see whether my thoughts have changed based on what I've read from the valuable sources which are like-minded human beings on the same journey through life as myself.

If you'd like to take part in the making of this book and contribute your views/opinions I'd love to hear from you so please do not hesitate to contact me via email aconstantholiday@hotmail.com or my social media page IG - @a.constant.holiday  

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