Decision making with the number 47.

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Now I'm assuming we all have that one number that pops up in our lives way too often, like a glitch in the matrix or some shit. Now assuming we are all the  "same same but different" then most of us tend to attach a particular relation with that number to our life, and for me, that number is 47, lemme explain... It originates from when I was a youngen, my parents had recently separated and I moved from the UK to Gibraltar with my mother. I remember one day at the end of an emotional phone call with my father who I hadn't seen for quite some time, he said to me something like, love you son, and I said love you more, and he said oh yeah, how much? I then said loads and loads, and he said if that's the case then tell me a number how much and I randomly said hmm... 47! Ever since that day calls with my father ended with blablabla love you 47. As the years passed and the number 47 was slowly but surely imprinted itself into my subconscious, and it started to pop up everywhere, and I literally mean everywhere! Most of the time in really random and somewhat spooky scenarios, but when I mean frequent I mean... all the bloody time! From car/bike number plates to bank cards, pin digits, randomly picked prepaid phone numbers, receipts of purchases, tv channels, significant apartment numbers. I even remember my first ever football match I saw live I placed a bet for Robin Van Persie to score on the 47th minute (which if you know about football isn't always possible to reach), so what happens? 47th-minute there's a free-kick, and he's given it, he takes it and hits the back of the net, what were the chances, seriously?! Put it this way, from that day on, it's been and will always remain my lucky number and has only ever kept me safe and healthy over the years. If I am thinking about visiting a particular country, making an important decision, making a big purchase or even deciding if to go out one night, literally no matter what it is, It will play in my mind for a while. If the number 47 pops up randomly throughout the day or week (usually in the strangest of ways), then I'll do it without questioning it because it always turns out well and 47 has just become a symbol of luck or a right choice. However, if the numbers 46 or 48 pops up, I won't do it, and this has proven to somewhat save my life in a handful of occasions (for example If I look at my watch after not having looked at it all day and its 46 passed or just turns 48 the moment I look, it's not a good decision). In fact, this "silly" number thing has deterred me from making potentially fatal choices in recent years. For example, going to Indonesia, Mexico or Guatemala, places which days later have had deadly earthquakes and flash floods/storms or volcano eruptions, burying towns. No had 47 popped up, If I genuinely wanted to be there and was looking for "the sign", then I would have been there 100%. It doesn't mean I'll stay away from them and its cursed forever it just means that in that particular moment it's not the right time and place for me and the universe is telling me through the number 47, to warn me. Call it what you want, but life is beautiful!

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